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Linux Mint Website hacked and ISO Backdoor'd

Are you also the one who downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th? You may have been Infected! Linux Mint is one of the best and popular Linux distros available today, but if you have downloaded and installed the operating system recently you might have done so using a malicious ISO image.

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How to Hack a Computer from 100 Meters with a Wireless Mouse or Keyboard

No matter how secure you think your computer might be, something malicious can always happen. As a Computer is an open book with right tools and talent. The same is proved by a group of security researchers by hacking into a computer with no internet, and no Bluetooth devices. Yes, it is possible for attackers to Hack Your Computer through non-Bluetooth devices such as your wireless mouse and keyboard and install Malware or Rootkit onto your machine.

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Goverment hires University to hack TOR

Everything is now crystal clear: The security researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) were hired by the federal officials to discover a technique that could help the FBI Unmask Tor users and Reveal their IP addresses as part of a criminal investigation.